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Content Overview

With a long-standing presence on the IT market then many successful projects in portfolio, Codyexa offers a full spectrum of application design, development, maintenance and support services along side flexibility of engagement models and project scopes for market leaders, growing and emerging businesses with technology at their core.

Our software development process is an ongoing cycle of the subsequent procedures:

  • Project Analysis and Planning. Project Mapping, WBS Visualization and Project Budgeting.
  • Requirements Specification. Requirements Gathering, Use Cases and User Stories.
  • Software Design. Low- and High-level Design, interface Design and User Experience Design.
  • Software Development. ASCII text file , Compiled Code, Code Documentation and Unit Testing.
  • Software Delivery. Release Management, Change Management and User Guides.
  • Maintenance and Support. On-demand Support and Long-term Maintenance including Corrective Maintenance, Adaptive Maintenance and Perfective Maintenance.

Codyexa puts the subsequent cutting-edge technologies at your service:

  • Blockchain. We develop blockchain applications and components into your solutions to allow secure transactions and data stability.
  • Augmented And computer game . By turning virtual concepts into reality, we assist you inaugurate new working and collaboration capabilities to internal and external users.
  • AI . Adapting the prevailing approaches to AI and applying our proprietary knowledge, we help businesses successfully adopt and use AI technologies on a day to day .
  • Image Analysis. unifying our competence in a learning and IT vision, we arrange the image analysis software proper to your industry needs.
  • Internet Of Things. Taking into consideration your business specifics and your industry focus, Codyexa delivers IoT solutions to assist you’re taking advantage of a connected environment.
  • Big Data. Whatever is that the size of knowledge that you simply affect daily, we’ll assist you structure and visualize it during a smooth and convenient way.

Our web app developers implement the foremost demanded web app development scenarios:

  • Creating device-oriented solutions. We deliver functional, convenient, and visually compelling HTML5/JavaScript applications that provide end users invariably perfect experience across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Reworking outdated apps. we will modernize or completely redesign old-fashioned web interfaces so as to align them with the evolving needs of end users and current technologies.

When it involves designing, building, and running sophisticated web systems, Codyexa prioritizes the subsequent categories:

  • Large-Scale Distributed Systems. We leverage modern tools, best practices, and thus the know-how of technology giants to style , launch, and manage flawless, flexible web applications. Our skills start from social networks and content delivery platforms to complex AR/VR solutions.
  • Micro-services Architectures. we’ve skilled all stages of the online app development evolution—from multi-tier architecture through SOA, to become the advocates of micro-services—the granular software development approach that keeps architectures from crumbling.
  • Real-Time Big processing . We help organizations achieve their big data journeys by guiding them from a way setup to the implementation of data-driven web solutions. We fulfil all aspects of data processing, from designing data workflows to implementing micro-batching and stream processing.